Takai forms a close bond with his classmate Akari. However, as the pair grow up và drift apart Takai reflects on all that he left unsaid.

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DirectorsMakoto ShinkaiStarringKenji Mizuhashi, Yoshimi Kondo, Ayaka OnoueGenresAnime, DramaSubtitlesEnglishAudio languages日本語
Supporting actorsSatomi HanamuraProducersMakoto ShinkaiStudioCoMix Wave FilmsPurchase rightsStream instantly DetailsFormatPrime clip (streaming online video)DevicesAvailable to watch on supported devices
Yay for Music!Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2009

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CAUTION: đánh giá CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS!!!When I say that the art rivals that of Miyazaki, I mean it. The detail and attention khổng lồ expressions and the clothes, the backgrounds, every little object has detail that jumps out and further presses the film"s theme of isolation.Before I say what is good about this film. I have to chú ý that the first Act is pretty cheesy in its dialogue (and maybe that"s just the way it"s translated). I, as an avid Anime watcher, always watch my films in the original language with subtitles và sometimes if I"ve seen the film enough, without them. The Japanese version is better because the characters are done as they were first intended. But the acting is incredible as well as believable.Each moment passes slowly & then speeds past the characters, much lượt thích the Cherry Blossoms that fall.This film is about the pain of never being able khổng lồ get lớn the person you care about the most và being able to lớn tell them how you feel. Even though you say it, sometimes the time you spend apart makes you isolated và confused.The story comes in three Acts (or sections) the first is about Tono Takaki, a young boy (at the start of the film) who takes an interest in another girl, Araki, who is lonely và awkward lượt thích he is. After jumping in to lớn drag her away from students who are writing insults about her on the chalk board, he is helplessly drawn to lớn the idea that they are both connected in their fascination with falling Cherry Blossoms. But because both of their families continually move và they have lớn keep transferring far away- their attachment becomes strained in an almost strange obsession with an idea of a paradise where they"d stay in the same place forever. But time passes like the falling cherry blossoms & soon they move through each moment in life, becoming more distant.The Second Act is about Takaki at his new school (as a high school student) và a girl who falls for him because he"s a nice guy on the surface và doesn"t seem to lớn care how strange và indecisive she is. But, even when she finally comes up with the courage and volition to confess, she notices that Takaki was always staring off into the distance whenever he was with her. That he was the furthest thing from being connected to the people around him. An amazing short section that breaks the heart in its honest message.The Third Act is Takaki as a young adult (in his twenties approximately) and how he"s inexplicably distant & unhappy with his current job & life. He struggles khổng lồ understand why he can"t keep in liên hệ with Araki the way he used to và why he didn"t turn around & see her across the train track (this is a specific scene in the movie- watch lớn see what I"m talking about) as soon as the train passed quickly. The moment they realize they may be able to lớn connected, one of them is gone.Perhaps the confusing part of the film is the end montage of Takaki & Araki"s life. It"s hard lớn understand what is going on. But in essence it is about how both of them have moved on & never really reconnected because their lives dragged them apart. The growing up that happens in the montage-divides the line between an ideal of Takaki"s và reality.This strange trio of anecdotes in Takaki & Araki"s lives expresses a number emotions và harsh acceptances when people grow up: That some people will accept that they didn"t get what they wanted & others will hang on to lớn the sparse moments of joy that they got falling from the sky even if it"s only for five seconds.A real winner for all Miyazaki fans!