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Balloon Adventures Dubai provides unforgettable & luxurious hot air balloon flights over the Dubai desert. The pristine desert hosts a chất lượng landscape for hot air chungcutuhiepplaza.com in Dubai. As the longest operating balloon company in the United Arab Emirates, we are the experts in flying in Dubai & ensure that your once-in-a-lifetime experience is safe at all times. Since 2005 we have flown hundreds of thousands of guests, developed world-first safety measures, and invented a falconry twist to chungcutuhiepplaza.com, exclusively available on all our private balloon charters. To lớn make our guests’ experience even more unique, we have introduced a spectacular drone show offered complimentary before the hot air balloon flight.

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Enjoy a spectacular drone show offered complimentary before the flight

In celebration of Expo 2020, we are offering a complimentary drone show khổng lồ all guests before their Hot Air Balloon flight

Float at 4000ft in a Hot Air Balloon over the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Witness the Arabian sunrise over the Dubai desert và the backdrop of the Hajar mountains. Take in the spectacular views of the desert as the dunes transform into different shades from the sunlight. At 4,000ft the vastness of the desert is truly mesmerizing. Experience what it’s lượt thích to gently float above the clouds và get 360-degree views of the Dubai desert with the best photo opportunities guaranteed. Despite that most people perceive hot air chungcutuhiepplaza.com to be an adrenaline rush, it is actually quite tranquil and peaceful; it is the perfect combo of serenity & adventure.

Learn about the Desert Conservation Reserveand spot native wildlife

Not just anyone can say that they have spotted wildlife in the desert from a hot air balloon. Although the hot air balloon experience in itself is spectacular, we want your travel stories & photos lớn be the best. As the only hot air balloon company allowed to lớn land in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, our common flight path is over this pristine part of the desert. Our balloon pilots like to ‘ride the magic carpet’ (chungcutuhiepplaza.com terminology) and fly lower over the dunes to give you the best views of the desert. Spot native wildlife lượt thích Arabian oryx and gazelles from a unique perspective without disrupting their natural habitat. Our pilots are multi-talented and along with flying the balloon, they will also tóm tắt interesting facts và fascinating anecdotes about Bedouin culture, the Dubai desert wildlife, và plants during the flight.

Go on a desert drive in vintage Land Rovers

After the hot air balloon ride hop into a vintage Land Rover và enjoy a drive in the desert to breakfast. The collection of 24 Series I and II Land Rovers is the largest fleet of active museum-quality vintage Land Rovers in the world. In the 1950s these vehicles were introduced lớn the Dubai desert as the first motorised khung of transport. They play a vital role in Emirati heritage & are icons of the Dubai desert. Quite possibly the most photographed cars in the Dubai desert, these Land Rovers are extremely picturesque và offer a fun drive through the desert.

Experience the world"s only in-flight falcon show when booking your very own private Hot Air Balloon

Experience the world"s only in-flight falcon show when booking your very own private Hot Air Balloon

You will be floating on cloud 9 (quite literally) as the Hot Air Balloon glides over the Dubai desert at 4,000ft. Look out for wandering camels và Arabian oryx down below & take in the stunning views of the sunrise over the rolling sand dunes & the Hajar mountains. One of the best things about this private Hot Air Balloon is that the entire experience is your own. This means that you get clear 360-degree panoramic views from the basket and share the intimate experience with your partner. The only other person in the balloon basket will be the Pilot.

Enjoy a gourmet breakfast à la carte including smoked salmon

An adventure lượt thích hot air chungcutuhiepplaza.com certainly builds up an appetite. Lớn maintain the high standard of this quality experience, we prepare a gourmet breakfast feast for you to lớn enjoy after the hot air balloon ride. The búp phê includes a selection of eggs & cold meats, smoked salmon, caviar, halloumi cheese, fruit platters, a selection of bread, and more. Hot & cold beverages are also available. We cater to vegetarians, vegans kosher, and gluten-free diets.

Relax in a beautiful desert setting inside the grounds of a Royal desert retreat.

Instead of rushing back lớn the thành phố after the hot air balloon ride, reflect on the unforgettable experience in a quality desert setting. Breakfast is served in this beautiful venue on Royal grounds. Relax in the majlis area in the desert or enjoy your breakfast at the wooden dining area in the desert. This venue is an authentic heritage Bedouin camp & built traditionally so you also get a glimpse into Bedouin culture.

Experience a short camel ride in the desert

Before motorised vehicles, camels were the primary mode of transport in the desert. The camel is a strong part of Emirati culture và no trip khổng lồ Dubai is complete without riding one in the desert. After breakfast enjoy an optional camel ride around the camp in the desert. Discover why camels are also known as the ships of the desert because of the graceful wave-like motion of their stride. Feel like Lawrence of Arabia as you traverse the desert like a nomadic Bedouin on camel back.

GoPro camera installed on every hot air balloon

This hot air balloon experience is extremely photogenic và even though you will be able khổng lồ take your own incredible photos, we have installed GoPro cameras that film every flight. At the kết thúc of the balloon flight, you will get the opportunity khổng lồ purchase a recording of your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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A hot air balloon in Dubai with the award-winning Balloon Adventures is truly unique. Not only vì you get to float over the Dubai desert at 4,000ft, but after the flight, the adventure continues traversing the desert in museum-quality vintage Land Rovers. A gourmet breakfast à la carte is served in an authentic desert setting on a Royal desert retreat. The experience includes pick up và drop off from Dubai hotels. All hot air balloon baskets are equipped with GoPros so that you can hold on to lớn the memory for years to lớn come.

Hot Air Balloon Ride, Vintage Land Rover Drive & Breakfast

More than a hot air balloon ride! Float over the pristine Dubai desert & enjoy a gourmet breakfast served at an authentic heritage desert camp.