Game ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest được phát hành vì chưng FingerFun Limited. ở trong thể nhiều loại Role Playing. Game được đánh giá 4.1 sao vị 195,126 người chơi.

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Game giành riêng cho lứa tuổi Teen. Trò chơi ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest gồm 5,000,000+ lượt tải. Phiên bản mới độc nhất 1.3.8 cập nhật March 29, 2022.

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Giới thiệu ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest.

“ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest” is a turn-based mobile RPG, officially authorized by the sensational Japanese anime “ONE PUNCH MAN”! Supervised by Shueisha’s production committee, ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest has fully restored the world and stories from the original anime! Cities are under attack by monsters! Citizens are seeking shelter, and they need help! It’s time for the Heroes of the Association to come to their rescue! Follow Saitama & fight bravely against monsters. Our goal is not the pursuit of fame, but that of protecting the innocent và helpless. Heroes united, One Punch K.O.!

· All the fascinating characters from the world of One Punch ManFrom Saitama, who can defeat all powerful enemies with one punch (serious version, of course), to Genos, who’s been evolving all along. From Monsters such as the strongest alien Boros, lớn the ninja Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, the self-declared nemesis of Saitama… Come see popular Heroes and Monsters from the original anime reunite in classic scenes in ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest.

· Encore of original CVs from the animeVoice actors from original anime are back in full force for complete dubbing of story lines! Immerse yourself in the oftentimes hilarious, sometimes melancholic, but always downright phenomenal story of One Punch Man!

· Train and build up your Heroes. Establish your own hero Association!Deploy various Heroes and Monsters, all with different personalities & special abilities, and establish your very own “Association”! Create powerful line-ups and activate the strongest chip core for Arenas và Tournaments! Try out your strength in Martial Dojos & Endless Battle Zones. Big challenges are ahead of you!

· New và innovative gameplay. Experience various features!Participate in Exploration và Perfection, Solo play & Club, nhân vật X Monster, Peak Arena, Unnatural Disaster, Conqueror’s Challenge, Talent Perfection, & many more real-time multiplayer battle modes with grand rewards! kiểm tra out the Saitama Battle Mode available in PVE stages và experience the thrill of one-punch kills for lightning-fast stage clearances!

Tính năng mới của ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest.

1. Anh hùng X Monster: Cycle 10 opens2. Group 16 is activated in trang chủ – Figurine3. Fist Fight Djinn is available in Elite Recruitment và Epic Recruitment pools1. New recruitment character after core Trial stage 7 2. Live Clash Supplies:· Exclusive Runes of new characters available· Exclusive Runes in Exchange Store will be different every season

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