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May 4, 2022
Arcade Games
Android 4.4
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Welcome lớn the Granny horror trò chơi series & its newest installment, Granny 3. As always, you’re the one who always has to lớn find a way out of captivity, & it’s the others who keep you from doing that. There are only a few chances khổng lồ stay alive and không tính tiền before the five-day expires. Can you catch it?

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Introduce about Granny 3

Granny 3 – The return of the cult horror game series


Surely you already know the famous horror series Granny was first published in 2017 by DVloper. Since its launch, it has stormed the market for a long time. And so far, that attraction has not decreased, but on the contrary, it is increasingly being pushed up with new versions. Granny 3 is the name we want khổng lồ talk about today. This trò chơi has quickly attracted more than 1 million installs from players và received a lot of positive comments. Same old gameplay, not too new storyline, and simple graphics, but it still makes for a surprising achievement. Why?

Horror from the beginning

Granny 3 takes place in a new setting, which is a large, old và dark castle. You, unfortunately, lost your way here và were suddenly discovered and captured by Granny. Then you wake up in a dark & quieter room than ever. At this point, you have understood everything and the important thing now is to find a way out of captivity. But things are not that easy. Players only have 5 days to lớn find a way lớn freedom. Và in the process, there are people who are always watching them.

You are always a fugitive

As is the old rule, the player is always the one on the run, & Granny, Grandpa, and Slendrina will vì nothing but walk around the house and kiểm tra for any noise. I know you will feel fear as soon as you learn that you are being held captive by a family of demons. But there is no other way lớn freedom than khổng lồ escape by yourself. Let’s start in the very room where the game thủ is kept, then find something to lớn unlock the door.


The outside space is quite familiar with dark rooms, hallways, cupboards, tables, chairs, & more. But it won’t be too easy for players khổng lồ figure out a few important things for an escape plan. Why? Because they have to vày everything in silence. Any movement lượt thích dropping things on the floor or accidentally walking over a creaking board can easily wake Granny. She will quickly find you & then, you wake up in a dark room và start all over again.

Scary people never change their nature

This time, Granny 3 continues to lớn bring a trio of haunting characters for every gamer. It was Granny, Grandpa, & Slendrina. Each character has its own unique traits, but they’re all equally terrifying. With Granny, she always holds a large stick và is ready to lớn hit you as soon as she spots you. In particular, her ears are quite sensitive to lớn all sounds.

As for Grandpa, he seems to lớn be deaf, so he is not as sensitive as Granny. However, he always carried a handgun that could kill with a single shot. What about niece Slendrina? She seems to be the terror of every gamer, doesn’t she? She doesn’t appear often, but she can kill people with her eyes. If you’re unlucky to lớn run into her, get out of her sight quickly.

Multiple trò chơi levels

Understanding the player’s mood, Granny 3 offers many levels from easy to difficult lớn create a diverse experience. In which, Easy is the easiest level, the characters will move slowly & have more chances khổng lồ escape. Next, is the Normal level, the characters move faster và sometimes have a few scary scares. Next, are the Hard và Extreme levels. These are 2 levels with the appearance of 3 scary characters in every play. The speed of the game will be much faster, along with the continuous, rushing hidden actions that make you breathless. If feeling too pressured, players can also choose the màn chơi of Practice. It’s just for practice, simple và quite gentle.

Simple graphics


Granny 3 possesses quite simple graphics with a rudimentary design style. However, the images in the trò chơi from the objects, lớn the context & especially the character creation are all haunting. The horror of the trò chơi is pushed higher thanks to lớn the graphic element. It is not too detailed but draws players into the horror details easily. Besides, the sound is also a factor that pushes scary situations to the climax. Especially the moments when you encounter one of the scary characters in the game, the creepy tunes are enough to lớn make your heart “flutter” for a moment.

How khổng lồ install Granny 3

Step 1: tải về Granny 3 (MOD Dumb Enemies) version exclusively developed by

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on an app android device.

Step 3: xuất hiện the Granny file. Select settings.

Step 4: You need to lớn wait for the installation to complete 100%.

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Download Granny 3 MOD game android for Android

Why should you play Granny 3? Simply put, it is one of the most sought-after horror games right now. If you love the horror genre, Granny 3 will meet all the most attractive elements khổng lồ make you feel satisfied. The scares from Granny or Slendrina or the times when you accidentally drop things on the floor are enough lớn make your heart jump. Be careful with your surroundings. Because the haunted family can be anywhere, even behind your back.