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You must be 18 years of age or older, who are not under guardianship, or over 16 years of age who have the consent of the guardians (we reserve the right lớn request written confirmation of such consent), to lớn place an order and provide an address in Mainland China, (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan).

Items that you’ve selected are saved in the shopping bag for 7 days. But don’t wait too long, the items in the shopping bag are not reserved.

When you"re finished shopping, click on “Shopping bag" to lớn place your order. Price, and availability will be displayed. You may also edit your order at this time. When you’re happy with your order, proceed to checkout.

Select your preferred payment method & when ready click the button “chungcutuhiepplaza.complete purchase”. When you click the “chungcutuhiepplaza.complete purchase” button you will be redirected to lớn the chosen payment provider’s external website, in order lớn chungcutuhiepplaza.complete your payment.

This may take some time. Please bởi not close your browser or navigate khổng lồ previous page. You should then log into your account & chungcutuhiepplaza.complete the payment directly, or your order will be cancelled.

Fill in the needed details required by the payment provider in order lớn chungcutuhiepplaza.complete your purchase. For Alipay or WeChat Pay you have one hour to lớn chungcutuhiepplaza.complete the payment for your order (as long as you logged in right after being redirected khổng lồ Alipay or WeChat Pay from the H&M online shop).

If you pay for your items directly và successfully you will be redirected back khổng lồ H&M online Shop. Once payment is confirmed at our side we will send you a processing email with your order details. Once confirmed at our side you can also see inside My account that the order status has changed to “paid”.

If you for any reason failed lớn chungcutuhiepplaza.complete your payment on the external payment provider’s trang web (or you chose Alipay và did not pay for your order within one hour), your order will be cancelled. You can see inside My account that the order status has in that case changed to lớn “cancelled”.

Once your order has been shipped an email will be sent lớn notify you that your order has been shipped with a tracking number which is a liên kết you can use to lớn trace your order.

We have listened to your feedback và have taken steps khổng lồ update our sizes. During a transitional period, we will have garments labelled in either old or new sizing, however, rest assured we will always send you the form size that corresponds to what you ordered. For example: 1) If you order an sản phẩm in a standard size, you may receive a hàng hóa labelled with a p. Or S next to lớn the kích thước (i.e. 34P or 42S). However, the fit/measurements will match what you ordered, so please try on. 2) If you ordered an thắng lợi with a T or L next to the kích cỡ (i.e. 34T or 42L), you may receive a hàng hóa not labelled with a T or L. However, the fit/measurements will match what you ordered, so please try on. Note: If you received the wrong kích cỡ entirely (i.e. You ordered M but received XL), please liên hệ Customer Service.
An item is only reserved once your purchase is chungcutuhiepplaza.completed in the checkout. An cửa nhà added to your shopping bag is saved for 7 days, but availability cannot be guaranteed. If an tòa tháp is very popular, it might be available when you place it in your shopping bag, but sold out once you reach the checkout.
We buy large quantities of the same garments direct from the supplier, with few middlemen, and sell the garments in our own stores. H&M has considerable experience of the textile industry and a great knowledge of which goods khổng lồ buy from which markets. In addition, we have invested a lot in a fast & cost-efficient distribution system. H&M is also permeated by cost-consciousness at every level, allowing us khổng lồ offer goods khổng lồ our customers at the very best prices possible.
You will find general information, production details & the H&M Code of Conducthere. If you are interested in financial information, please kiểm tra under Investor Relations. There, you will be able to tải về annual reports as well as the latest financial summaries. If you have further questions, please tương tác H&M’s press department in your specific country. You will find names and e-mail addresseshere.

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I responded to an e-mail and/or online questionnaire khổng lồ enter a contest. Is this an H&M initiative or is it fraudulent?

All H&M campaigns are promoted either through, or our official social media channels. H&M cautions you khổng lồ read the fine print and legal disclaimers when entering online contests. You will chú ý in most situations that the promotion is in no way associated with our brand. If you have entered your cell phone number in response to an e-mail that you received for a chance lớn win an H&M contest, you are an on-going victim of this activity, or are now receiving unwanted SMS text messages, we encourage you to contact your phone provider và block the offending phone number.