I said if Old MacDonald had a farmAnd he"s the richest of them allI"m finna take these hay bales I gotAnd I"m gonna cop it allAnd if you wanna

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lifeChew it upSpit it outYes, I’ve had enoughYes, I’ve had enoughEnough of this stuffThey feed the sheep hay bales of tinsel & twineThey feed


your back in motionAnd jump down turn around, pick a bale of cottonJump down turn around, pick a bale of hayOh lordy, pick a bale of cottonOh

the broken horses as they run và hideSandied down, down by the riverOver the hay bales you will goCut me down, down by the riverShaped you into a throne

running through a meadowWhere the sunflowers growI"m lying on a hay baleSend up a prayer that never failsWhen I need a break from the cityI head out

Ayo shoutout Grandpappy, shoutout GrandmaThis song"s called Hay Bales n" HardshipsAyo free cousin Eddie "till it"s backwardsYuhWe finna spit

sales10 deep at Taco BellShawty from a fairy taleAnd her ass fat as a hay baleYou, you know I stay with my nineSomeone said its dinner timeYou

that ship sailedI gave her my name it gave me a shit stainSwank Youth ain"t never gone failSmoking on grass I"m smoking on hay balesEating good

know that I can go When I need lớn rest my headRoll out the window và I"ll go Out running không tính phí To the hay bales chasing mèo tails Is where you"ll

to the groundHear your chatter framed in rhymes(Framing it in rhymes!)Just a hay-bale batter(Batter, batter, bat away!)Nothing they can doTo stop

getting fakerMy bread be laying around on the floor lượt thích a blocky hay baleIma strive khổng lồ be the best me so my descendant can live to tell my tale (Slash,


They were hiding behind hay balesThey were planting in the full moonThey had given all they had for something newBut the light of day was


They were hiding behind hay balesThey were planting in the full moonThey had given all they had for something newBut the light of day was

boat, giggin" in the darkEatin" watermelon on a table in the yardChicken in a brown bag, picnic in the parkDraggin" up the hay bales, stack "em in


right (hell right)Hell rightNow it"s 7 a.mDamn if there ain"t an empty handle on a square hay baleEverybody"s passed out drunk, but when they

"em up (yeah)Middle of the nightBlow the subsTrucks pulling in the drivewayDragging coolers in the backyardDoing shots off a hay bale


the thick cornThrough the bales of hayThrough the sudden drift of the rainSpring & summerActually I better goWalk as far as my house with meI

I asked him khổng lồ bail it tomorra Sonny"ll come over tomorraSonny got a brand new welderHe got rid a that auld new HollandHay!Bale them bale them

of backing up tractors, stacking hay bales to lớn the sky, yeahYou hit the Mapco, you lay the cash downYou got a 24 laying in the back nowGirls bring

money "cause I finance my own campaign. I ain"t for sale. I keep a fat bankroll in my pocket baby, Big as a hay bale, yes sirNow I want

you, & I? Spring and summer ev"ry other dayBlue wind gets so sadBlowin" through the thick corn,Through the bales of hay,Through the open

and I?Spring & summer,Every other day,Blue wind gets so sad.Blowin’ through thick corn,Through the bales of hay,Through the mở cửa books

rollin" down the windowBring along an old 6 stringSomebody might wanna singLittle long hair country boy thingHay bale over by the corn rowLet"s all

in everything I"ve got"Cause I"m American bornAnd Country by the grace of God!I don"t need no CadillacsYou can"t put no hay bales in the back

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i know one line from a old song anybody know what the tuy nhiên is called "Sitting on a bail of hay và conffessing that i love you"E mail me at Mcmarshall57