100% super soft polyester, polyurethane foamJumpsuit has hook và loop fastener on the back Tail is sewn on the back of the jumpsuitPolyurethane foam headpiece has attached fiber filled earsEmbroidered facial featuresOfficially licensed

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We have to lớn believe that Pikachu has a lot lớn say after all these years. We"ve been hearing him declare, "Pika-pika?". And while now we might have an idea that he"s simply asking for a cup of coffee with an extra shot of espresso, he could probably use a spokesperson. & with your costume buổi tiệc ngọt coming up, we think this Pokémon Pikachu costume would be the kind choice to help out our adorable electric friend. Whether you"re solving a crime or simply kicking back in a shockingly sweet Pikachu jumpsuit, you"ll love speaking for everyone"s favorite Pokémon!

Product Details

This brilliant costume is sure to lớn make an impact on Pokémon trainers & traders everywhere. Because a Pikachu is an essential part of any Poké-deck & might just become a part of any tiệc ngọt as well. This look is simple enough khổng lồ slip on with hook và eye patches that secure up the front. The sleeves & pants are cinched in with elastic to keep your look in place. To đứng đầu it all off, the adorable hood has the sweet Pikachu features we all know and love.

Feel it in your jellies

We"re still not sure what the above saying means, to be honest. But we"re sure you"ll know you made the right decision when you slip into this cheery costume! Want khổng lồ ramp it up and have a full on Pokémon party? Browse through our Pokémon deck khổng lồ pick out the right characters. From a hoodie Squirtle, child Charmander, & even a couple Poké balls for all sizes, your group costume can grow và grow! You can even throw a little drama into the phối with Team Rocket costumes. Whether you"re heading out into the world solo or with plenty of people, you"re sure to bởi Pokémon proud when you"re rocking this adorable Pikachu ensemble.

Small/MediumJumpsuit Length58"147cm

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Large/X-LargeJumpsuit Length60"152cm