Recently purchased land in remote Montana, and the CCR 's & bylaws seem incredibly strict for 20 acres surrounded by national forest. The president currently lives in Arizona but plans to lớn build up there eventually.... My question is does anyone else live really remotely and have an HOA? Have the rules been more "just lớn keep it nice" or more "always watching" vibe? Just trying to lớn talk myself down, we broke ground to build this week and I finally received the bylaws, so I'm a little freaked out that we may be getting ourselves in lớn a situation where we can't ever relax on our own land.

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Posted by1 hour ago

Inconsistency with applying the rules. Need advice

New neighborhood with an HOA that is established. Rules for fence màu sắc is it must match the màu sắc of the trim on the house. White or beige. I was told this when submitting my plan for approval for my fence. So, unfortunately, my fence must be stained or painted white.

Next door neighbor was recently allowed to lớn have a beige vinyl fence installed when he has white trim!

Does this not mở cửa the hoa up to lớn possible legal issues in the future due to these inconsistencies?

Posted by20 hours ago

Fighting board members on snow plow invoices - need perspective/ opinion

Hello! I am the newly appointed president of our HOA board as of mid May. I joined the board in late March và moved into the neighborhood in December 2021. We are in WA.

When I attended my first board meeting in May, it was made evident that we vì not want khổng lồ pay the $83k we accumulated in Snow Plow bills from the 2021-2022 snow season. We have private streets which the city does not service, và live at a high elevation.

I am going lớn try khổng lồ write what is going on as objectively as possible -

Our neighborhood consists of ~80 homes và 3 miles of streets.

The snow plow folks did an objectively bad job. They did not show up as frequently as we wanted them to, we don't believe they laid enough de-icer down, they came và laid de-icer when it didn't over up snowing later that day, many times they only came to lớn the neighborhood for a few minutes which isn't enough time khổng lồ go both ways on every street, & a few times people were just completely stuck in their homes.

According lớn our contract, we owe them ~$4k every time they come out to lớn de-ice & plow (yes this number is crazy but it is in the contract), và while they might not have done a great job, I don't see anything in the contract personally that states that they had to vày a good job to lớn get paid, but it does say they have khổng lồ meet "industry standards".

We also have 72 hours khổng lồ contest invoices after they have been received, which we did not do, which the board blames on the HOA management company for not sending us the invoices quickly enough to lớn contest them.

This is the 4th year we have used this same company. We have previously not believed their invoices & negotiated with them before & did so successfully, bringing down our bill substantially. This was with a president that is no longer living in the neighborhood, và the invoices were disputed quickly.

Half of the board does not want to pay the bills and is trying khổng lồ get the company to lớn reduce the bill lớn $30k with proof that is essentially complaint emails from neighbors, a few photos, historical weather reports from the closest airport at a much lower elevation, và timestamps provided by the snow plow company that make them believe they didn't spend enough time in the neighborhood. The half that does not want to pay bởi vì not speak great English making it even more difficult khổng lồ have a productive conversation but feel EXTREMELY strongly, và are saying they are willing khổng lồ go lớn court over this.

The snow plow company sent a demand letter last week saying we have 10 days lớn pay without incurring the late charges we accumulated (about $10k so far) or they will take legal action. We asked for a reduction in the bill based off of the proof accumulated by the other board members and they agreed khổng lồ reduce it by 10%.

If we go lớn court over this, we risk having lớn pay for ours và their attorney fees, plus all of the late fees we have accumulated.

I just want lớn pay these invoices and move on. We already fired the vendor và are getting another one next year. I don't believe we have a legal leg to lớn stand on since we didn't contest the invoices within 72 hours, but they want me as the president to lớn keep fighting this, working with our attorney khổng lồ draft paperwork, etc.

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I'm ready to just quit the HOA board at this point as I see no path forward which is aligned with what I am willing to lớn put into this. It is worth noting that the half of the board that won't pay has been troublesome for years and that is why I am already president 6 months after moving in - no one else will be on the board any longer with these guys.