Use tự động Clicker Software for Automatically clicking Left, Right or Middle Mouse Button with a Configurable Keyboard Shortcut. With auto Clicker, you can tự động hóa Click any Mouse Button at fixed or variable Mouse Clicking tốc độ of your choice. You can Start / Stop tự động hóa Mouse Cursor Clicking with a single System Wide / Global Keyboard Shortcut. You can use tự động hóa Clicker to tự động Click at pre-defined fixed screen location or you can tự động click at current Mouse Cursor Location.

The Main Window of Auto Clicker allows you to configure various options for the tự động Clicker. You can configure time delay or interval between Automated Mouse Clicks, you can define the number (finite or infinite) of Mouse Clicks to lớn be Automated, a Keyboard Shortcut Key lớn Start / Stop Mouse Clicking. Apart from the Easy & Intutive Graphical User Interface of tự động hóa Clicker offering configuration of basic Mouse Clicking Control parameters, the Software also allows you khổng lồ explore Advanced features of auto Clicker as and when you need.

Download & try out this tự động Clicker for không tính phí and let the Software bởi the Mouse Clicking và give your fingers some rest. After trăng tròn Uses, once the không lấy phí Trial Expires, you can Pay USD 6.54 & Unlock Trial of the Software on 1 Windows Computer for Usage of the Software Upto 3 Months from the Date of Payment of Activation Fees. The tự động hóa Clicker is provided in a simple and easy lớn follow standard thiết lập and is Compatible with Windows 11 , Windows 10 and other Windows Operating Systems. The Installation of tự động Clicker needs Admin Access to lớn your Windows Computer & once installed can tự động Click on any Application / Game.

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How khổng lồ Use auto Clicker

Simple and Easy to lớn use Auto Clicker allows few configurable options. Given below steps outline How lớn use tự động Clicker.

Launch tự động hóa Clicker with Shortcut on Desktop or from Programs Menu. Notice the System Tray now, which will be having a new icon in red color with Icon of tự động Clicker. Double Click the Tray Icon or Right Click on the Tray Icon khổng lồ Show the Main Window of the tự động hóa Clicker. The Main Window of the Software allows you to lớn configure the shortcut key to start / stop the mouse clicking automatically. You can also define interval between Mouse Clicks and number of Automatic Mouse Clicks in the main window. Let"s create a Shortcut Key lớn Start and Stop the auto Mouse Clicking, press any keyboard Key which you would like to use in the white colored edit box provided & click on Assign. In this How to tự động hóa Clicker, let"s use Ctrl + E as the Shortcut Key for Starting & Stopping the auto Clicker. Now Hide the tự động Clicker Window by either clicking on the Cross button on the top right or click the Hide to lớn System Tray Button. Now Move the Mouse Cursor where you would like to Click the Mouse automatically và press the Shortcut Key (Ctrl + E in this How to). Press the Shortcut Key again to stop the tự động hóa Clicker.

tự động hóa Clicker also allows to configure Interval / Delay in Mouse Clicks in values of Milli Seconds, Seconds and Minutes. Apart from the configurable option, tự động hóa Clicker also shows the number of Mouse Clicks automated. Whether you want to bởi Fast Automatic Mouse Clicking at Current Mouse Cursor Position or at Pre-defined Screen Location, the auto Clicker can Click at your desired speed. Apart from Automated Mouse Clicking, there are lots of inbuilt features (e.g Macro Recorder, Key Presser, màu sắc Clicker, Fixed Point Clicker, etc) which together make tự động hóa Clicker really the Best Mouse Clicking Application.

The tự động hóa Clicker Software tải về is offered on a không tính phí to try basis. You can try it for không tính phí for upto đôi mươi times và after that you must register your copy to lớn keep on using the Software. All future updates to lớn the application are free. The auto Clicker does works on Windows 11, Windows 10 & other Microsoft Windows Operating Systems lượt thích Windows 8.1, etc. The không tính tiền Trial of auto Clicker offers all the features for you to try & there are no functionality limitations in the free Trial.

Do tương tác us in case you would like to have any related feature in the tự động hóa Clicker Software Utility và make the process of clicking mouse cursor automatically more easy and helpful.

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Automate Group of Mouse Clicks


Wanna automate mouse clicks in group ? Try out another Mouse Automation Software utility named tự động Mouse Click. địa chỉ cửa hàng Mouse Clicks in the Software Utility, Save the tự động hóa Mouse Click File & Double Click on the saved tệp tin to start automating Mouse Clicks of every type. Click on the screenshot to lớn know more about the tự động Mouse Click Software Utility & try it for free.

Random Mouse Clicker


In case you would lượt thích to Click Mouse Cursor at Random Screen Locations on computer screen with fixed or random delay interval between mouse clicks, our another software Random Mouse Clicker might be of interest to you. The Software offers delay configurable fixed or random interval in milliseconds and has option to lớn select where khổng lồ click on a single or multi monitor screen.

The Random Mouse Clicker works on most of the Windows operating systems such as Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 etc. It is a available on a không tính tiền to tải về and try basis.

Visit trang chủ to find more Mouse Automation Software Utilities for Creating Mouse Automation Script, Initiating Mouse Clicks with Command Line, auto Mouse Clicker to create & run Mouse Clicker scripts, tự động hóa Mouse Mover & many other Software Downloads.