Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo: 7272) announced the launch in Vietnam from mid-August năm 2016 of the new Janus 125cc scooter. Aimed at female riders, the Janus combines the “BLUE CORE”engine that offers both a powerful riding experience as well as economy & environmental performance, all packaged in a lightweight body design that evokes the look of fine porcelain. This is the third model for the Vietnamese market lớn feature the “BLUE CORE”engine, following on from the Nozza Grande in 2014, and the ACRUZO in 2015.

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The Janus is a volume-price segment scooter developed under the concept “Basic Scooter with PRide*1” for female riders in their twenties. Main features include 1) Front/Rear 14-inch wheels that sport an authentic scooter style based on the high-wheel model image popular in Europe 2) the “BLUE CORE” engine which achieves excellent acceleration and economy 3) a 97kg chassis weight (std. Spec.) which is easy to lớn handle thanks to lớn a newly-designed, lightweight toàn thân frame, 4) and a 14L storage space underneath the seat with capacity enough for two half helmets và rain wear.

In addition lớn the standard version Janus, the Janus Deluxe and Janus Premium models all feature the fuel-saving Stop & Start System*2 that automatically stops the engine when the bike is stationary at traffic lights etc. Furthermore, the Janus Premium features the Smart Key system as standard equipment.

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The Vietnamese motorcycle market recorded a total demand of approximately 2.85 million units in năm ngoái (Yamaha Motor survey), of which scooters comprised approximately 40%. The Janus is Yamaha Motor’s first mã sản phẩm to be launched in the volume-priced category following the premium-priced Nozza Grande, & the medium-priced ACRUZO. Yamaha Motor aims lớn expand its sales in the Vietnamese market by providing a line-up covering all categories including the high, medium, và volume price ranges. Manufacturing will be carried out by Vietnamese Group company, Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd. (YMVN).

2016 JANUS

MODELLaunch DateRRPTarget SalesJanus StandardJanus DeluxeJanus Premium
Mid-August 201627,490,000 VND

100,000 units(first full year from time of release, in Vietnam)

Scheduled Launch Date November, 2016To be determined (To be announced at time of launch)
Scheduled Launch Date November, 2016To be determined (To be announced at time of launch)