YouTube Vanced 17.03.38 android is an improved version of the stocked YouTube phầm mềm for Android! Includes an ad blocker, background games và more. The Vanced Manager application makes it easy khổng lồ install YouTube Vanced 17.03.38 Apk.

As you already know, YouTube has removed the number of disliked buttons from the entire platform. Although the Disable button still exists, it is now mostly useless because there is nothing khổng lồ dislike about it.

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Watch this video clip on YouTube"s Creators Channel for reasons lớn remove the number of dislikes on YouTube

This led to lớn a new ReturnUtube project (and an additional extension), which we mentioned in our previous post. Google also removed the YouTube API, which helped show the number of YouTube dislikes; On which the project largely depends.